Creating A Morning Routine

If you’re not a morning person, then getting out of bed on most days and quite possibly everyday can be such a struggle. As your alarm goes off after snoozing it for the 3rd time, you quickly get out of bed with a rush to get to work on time. In the meantime, you forget at least one thing as you sprint out the door. All this rushing has put you in a frazzle having an incredible influence on the remainder of your day. When you return home, you arrive through the door to the mess you made in your morning rush….ahhh the nightmare continues. 

A good morning routine can certainly have a remarkable impact on the rest of your day and can influence greatly how productive, peaceful, and organised we feel. Creating a thought-out morning routine that allows time for you to do the essentials can boost your mood and help remove the feeling of being on edge and overwhelmed.

A morning routine is a habit that you create which includes a set of processes to complete before getting out the door. Notably the initial example is still a routine; however not a very good one. If we maintain an unorganised morning, we will maintain a feeling of stress and anxiety, which will affect your decision making, connections and conversations with others. 

When we create a thought-out routine, we can take control and give the day a better sense of meaning. With this change you will also notice a greater sense of wellbeing, as you will have greater clarity of what you need to do and feel accomplished when you can tick off your list of items.

Like any new habit, it can be hard to adapt and start, but once you get into it, the easier it will become. The key to change is repetition and the self-reminder that your life will be better if you stick to the new morning pattern. Here are some tips to help your journey a little easier:

+ Think about your future self – that is who you’re doing it for! Focus on the reasons for doing what you’re doing, especially when it seems unappealing at the start.

+ Try starting small, give yourself a sense of achievement. A task as simple as making the bed can do wonders for your confidence and gives you a better shot at achieving more of your goals.

+ Don’t forget the basics. Any healthy routine pays attention to your whole health, including exercise, nutritious food, rest and stillness, and proper emotional regulation.

+ Make your routine YOURS. While consistency is key, don’t forget to be flexible to your own needs. If you find that some parts of your routine end up creating new barriers, or don’t work for your goals, change it up until you find the right routine for yourself.

+ Get creative, make it fun! There is PLENTY of information out there on morning routines, try them out and use it as an opportunity to learn about yourself!

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