About us

Our Story

After years of experience in different mental health settings including psychiatric hospitals, private companies, Arise Allied Health was established in 2016, aiming to build an environment where the individual client is a priority.

Only evidence-based techniques have been utilised in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues and disorders. Arise Allied Health is constantly aiming to grow and expand, to provide more support in more flexible ways, to suit the unique needs of individuals. 

Our Values

Human value – We believe that an individual has inherent value, and is always treated with unconditional respect and appreciation.

Change – We believe that individuals are able to progress towards health, given sufficient and suitable support as necessary.

Hope – We are committed to being fully supported as individuals find hope and recognise their true potential.

Accessibility – We endeavour to provide accessible and flexible services to ensure everyone requiring support can have access to it, regardless of location, disability, or background.

Our Mission

Using evidence-based interventions to empower individuals to progress towards health and to reach their full potential in living a better life. Our services are professional and confidential, with structure and flexibility to tailor for the unique needs of individuals.

Why we’re different?

We are dedicated to providing individualised, confidential, holistic, and evidence-based support to children, young people, adults, and families. Interventions are tailored to suit individual needs, and each client is treated with respect, acceptance, and genuine care. We aim to equip and empower individuals to reach their full potential in various areas of life. 

Initial consultations are scheduled in a timely manner, with minimal waiting time. Subsequent consultations can be booked in advance as needed.